Ease of Use
Ease of Use

Takes the burden off trying to handle
the bulk of disciplinary problems.

Reduce Tardies

Reduce Tardies

Accurately and instantly track
tardies and other common violations


Low cost and
easy renewal process

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The Scanning page does more than simply capture tardy student data. It also logs students into detention, provides custom usage for Administrators, and issues Hall Passes. Manage Outcomes puts power at the disposal of APs. The Dashboard provides a quick graphical glance at the current day’s stats. The wide range of reports should meet every requirement.

The Best Way to Manage Student Discipline

Discipline 4 Schools uses a powerful database to document the most common student infractions, like tardies and dress code violations. Staff can use a USB or Bluetooth scanner to scan student IDs anytime an infraction occurs. This reduces the time spent writing detention slips in between classes, or at the beginning of the day when a student is tardy. Our system records all of these infractions and provides administrators the tools efficiently to manage the large amounts of data.

  • Accurately and instantly track tardies
  • Track detention attendance
  • Print tardy passes and detention call slips
  • Get students rapidly back to class, reducing loss of instructional time
  • User driven scale of consequences per the number of infractions
  • Wide array detention reports and analytical tools
  • Access the system from any computer

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You can purchase Discipline 4 Schools right now and enjoy the benefits of a stress-free discipline system. Discipline 4 Schools software is only $299 a year for each school site.

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How It Works?

Discipline 4 Schools maximizes that idea of scanning student ID cards with USB or Bluetooth scanners to rapidly log any one of a number of infractions, but most notably – tardies. In a split second the system prints a Tardy Pass having first tallied up all previous tardies for the student, and looked up the appropriate discipline from a school-defined consequence table. The details are printed on the Tardy Pass and displayed on the screen of the scanning work station. Note, we provide an easy name lookup for the times when students don’t know their ID.

Powerful analytical tools enable staff to report on and manage detentions, and all other outcomes. Since Discipline 4 Schools runs in a web browser there’s no limit to the number of users who can access the system to view and manage infractions. The proven effect is that this careful management drives down tardy rates by double digit percentages, and increases student instructional time.

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About Us

Leading the way in the scanning revolution Ben and Michael, two teachers from Anaheim, started marketing their solution for the fast sale of dance tickets over 10 years ago. The response from some schools was “Can we also use this to scan tardies?” So we thought about this and came out with a rather poor PC version of what it could look like. No matter that many schools liked it we knew we could do better. And we have!

June 2018 marks the launch of a totally re-engineered product, Discipline 4 Schools. It’s dedicated to doing one thing really well: rapidly recording the thousands of oft-repeated infractions that get faculty and administration bogged down as they try to track who did what, and when, and follow up on the consequences.

Of course, we now have many other tools in the box including Voting 4 Schools, Store 4 Schools, Ticketing 4 Schools, and the well-loved legacy application – Announcements 4 Schools. You can find these all here.